Employment Support & Volunteer Services

Employment and DVR Services

WorkFirst (6)Coastal Community Action Program Employment Services staff work to ensure an effective partnership between employers and participants.

Persons with disabilities offer many of the following benefits as employees:

Reliable workers with below average turnover rates
Often surpass other employees in motivation and job satisfaction
Dependable and above average attendance
Find great satisfaction in their job performance
According to U.S. Department of Labor survey results, persons with disabilities have fewer than average injuries
Able to become a contributing, tax-paying member of the local community

When a person with a disability is hired, the hiring business has the opportunity to make a difference in that person’s life by increasing their personal independence and full inclusion into society.

Tax Credits for Employers

There are a number of tax credit programs that can help businesses reduce their Federal and State tax liability and increase profitability. The employer tax credit incentives can help businesses create jobs, improve their bottom line, boost local economies and help new employees obtain and retain jobs.

Coastal Supported Employment & DVR Services

Training/Job Consultant Services

Coastal Community Action Program has Job Coaches who will work with the newly hired employee until he or she is capable and comfortable on the job.

Follow Up Support

We continue follow up and maintain regular contact to assure continued success on the job and positive employer/employee relationships.

Job Matching

The staff at CCAP can conduct “Person Centered Employment Plans” to determine which jobs would best meet their clients’ needs and interests before placing them on the job.


Transportation services are available to consumers to assist them in participating in successful employment.

Cost: There is no cost to the employer, beyond the normal cost of hiring any new employee.


Along with the opportunity for employment, each participant has the opportunity to take part in Job Club where they meet new friends and learn valuable employment skills.

What Are Supported Employment and DVR Services?

Supported Employment and DVR staff facilitate competitive work in integrated work settings for individuals with mild to severe disabilities for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred, or who, because of the nature and severity of their disability, need ongoing support services in order to perform their job.

Employment staff provides assistance such as job coaching, transportation, assistive technology, specialized job training and individually tailored supervision.

Employment services are a way to move people from dependence on a service delivery system to independence via competitive employment. Recent studies indicate that the provision of on-going support services for people with mild to severe disabilities significantly increases their rates for employment retention.

Employment services encourage people to work within their communities and promote work, social interaction and integration.

For a more comprehensive narrative on employment transportation services available at CCAP, see the following: Employment and DVR Services

Employment Transportation

The Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) provides rides for qualified low income, TANF recipients and individuals with special needs in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties, Clients are connected to work related sites, either by connecting the rider with current available transit routes or by direct transportation to the rider’s destination regardless of income. The work-related sites include, but are not limited to:

  • job sites
  • child care
  • job training
  • job interviews

It will also allow clients access to these sites during the off hours of Pacific Transit or Grays Harbor Transit.

For a more comprehensive narrative on employment transportation services available at CCAP, see the following: Job Access Reverse Commute