Ryan White HIV/AIDS Case Management and Services

As part of its ongoing mission to provide high quality behavioral health, rehabilitation, and education services to individuals and the community, Coastal Community Action Program offers support and case management services to persons living with HIV or AIDS. These services are provided free of charge in cooperation with the Washington Department of Health.

HIV/AIDS case management provides assistance to locate, coordinate, advocate and refer for medical and psychosocial services based on assessed needs. Case management is a client-centered process that links clients to services in an effort to ensure timely, coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health and supportive care.

Coastal Community Action Program’s case management specializes in the care and advocacy of persons living with HIV or AIDS who may also experience mental health or substance abuse issues. CCAP’s dedicated staff can assist individuals to improve their quality of life by helping them maintain their healthcare and support systems, as well as coordinating resources and advocating for each client’s individual needs.

Eligibility for HIV/AIDS case management includes:

  • verified status of HIV or AIDS
  • Washington state residency
  • willingness to participate in regular medical care
  • financially disadvantaged

Additional services that are available based on eligibility, assessed need and present funding include:

  • medical care referral
  • mental health care referral
  • transportation assistance
  • medication assistance (limited primarily to HIV medications)
  • dental assistance
  • housing and utility assistance
  • insurance copay or insurance continuation assistance
  • home health care referral

All assistance programs are subject to change, federally funded and can only be provided as a last resort when all other assistance programs have been accessed.

Please call CCAP at 360-533-5100 for more information.