Representative Payee Services

If you have been declared to be legally incompetent or just need assistance in managing your benefits, a payee service might be beneficial to you.

Our Representative Payee service works with individuals of all ages who receive Social Security, veterans’ benefits or pensions and who find themselves unable to manage their finances.

A representative payee manages your funds for you. You and your representative payee will discuss your financial needs and create a budget that works for you.  Having a family member or friend as your payee may work for some, but if personal conflict or disagreement should arise, your finances could be at risk. Your representative payee will make sure your bills are paid in a timely manner. We will discuss how you will receive funds for your own personal monthly spending.

We can help you, if:

  • You are required by the Social Security Administration to have a payee
  • You are required by DSHS to have a payee
  • You already have a payee, but would like a different one

What to Expect from the Coastal Payee Program

As your representative payee, you can expect that we will do our best to serve your financial needs.

At your first appointment, we will go over your financial situation. Come prepared to let us know what bills need to be paid and what funds you have coming in.

We will discuss how and when your bills will be paid, what your personal monthly spending will be and answer any questions you might have.

We will go over your rights and responsibilities and other necessary paperwork.

What the Coastal Payee Program Will Expect of You

Honesty is always the best policy!

You will need to call creditors to have your bills sent to our office. Should you choose to have bills mailed to you, you will need to provide us with a copy of each bill.

You must keep us informed of any changes in your bills. If you plan on moving or have moved we need to know ASAP!

For Grays Harbor and Pacific County payee services contact 360-533-5100.

For Thurston County Payee services contact 360-515-0046.