Coastal Energy Project

Giving the Community the power to Grow

Coastal Energy Project is a subsidiary of Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP). For nearly ten years, CCAP worked to develop a renewable energy production model to increase service delivery options and to lessen the local dependence on outside funding. CCAP has constructed a 6 Mega-Watt (MW) Wind Farm to generate revenues to supplement the community’s ongoing projects and thereby meet more of the community’s needs.

The Coastal Energy Project was constructed and put into production in June, 2010 in Grayland, Washington. The four turbines produce an estimated 13.5 million kWh of clean energy annually that is sold to the local public utility district. The revenue directly supports CCAP’s many needed programs to the low-income families of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties.

The project was financed with both New Markets Tax Credits and Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credits, and creates a model for using clean energy production to fund non-profit social service organizations that can be replicated elsewhere.

Learn how GE is helping transform our community through the Coastal Energy Project by watching the following video: GE Renewable Energy – CCAP